What is Disc Golf?

Disc (or Frisbee) golf is a sport that is similar to traditional golf, but instead of hitting a ball with a club, players throw flying discs into a series of baskets or targets.

The goal of the game is to complete each hole in as few throws as possible, with the winner being the player with the lowest total score at the end of the round.

frisbee golf at VIM holiday clubs
frisbee golf at VIM holiday clubs

We play disc golf at our Holiday Clubs!

Disc (frisbee) golf is a fun and healthy activity for children to enjoy together. We provide a low-pressure environment for kids to learn the sport, enjoy the outdoors, and bond with their holiday club friends.

As well as been loads of fun disc golf can be a great sport to learn, as it helps develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and focus.

V.I.M Holiday Club Locations

We are currently running our school holiday clubs from the following Sussex locations

Castlewood Holiday Club

Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex

Triangle Holiday Club

Woodingdean, Brighton, East Sussex

Hillside Holiday Club

Small Dole, Henfield, West Sussex

VIM Hillside Holiday Club

Would your VIM like to join our club?

If your very important minor, would like to join the fun at our Sussex school holiday clubs, we have an easy to use, step by step booking system for all necessary information before your child attends.