V.I.M Camps Ltd

Use of Photographs policy

 At V.I.M Camps we sometimes take photos of children taking part in activities so that we can share these with parents and carers. 

 When taking photos of children staff will always ensure that: 

  • Photographs will only be taken of children with their parents’ permission (parents tick if they give permission on their child’s MB account).
  • Photos will only ever be taken for the purpose of showing parents/carers the variety of activities that their children take part in when at our clubs.
  • Staff must always ensure that they do not take a photo of the child’s face. Staff will only take a photo of their hands doing hands doing whatever the activity is that they are involved in or of the back of their bodies.
  • Children must always be taking part in an activity when a photo is taken. 


This policy was adopted by: V.I.M Camps Ltd 

Date: 10.01.2024 

Signed: SSF  

To be reviewed: 

Written in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2024): Safeguarding and Welfare requirements: SEND [3.62], Information for parents and carers [3.83].