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Online safety policy  

V.I.M Camps recognises that the internet is a useful resource for both staff and children, for purposes of research, homework, and entertainment. However, it must be used with care to ensure that children are kept safe from exposure to harmful material, in accordance with the EYFS safeguarding and welfare requirements and the Prevent Duty.  

Guidelines for children: 

A printed copy of the SMART guidelines are kept next to the computer. The guidelines are explained to any children wishing to access the internet:  

  • Safe: Keep safe by not giving out personal information – such as name, email, phone number, address, or school name – to people who you don’t trust online.  
  • Meeting: Never agree to meet anyone you have only met online unless your parent or carer is with you.  
  • Accepting: Do not accept emails or instant messages, or open files, images or texts from people you don’t know. They can contain viruses or nasty messages.  
  • Reliable: Not all the information found on the Internet is reliable and people you meet online won’t always be telling the truth.  
  • Tell: Tell a member of staff or your parents if someone or something you encounter online makes you feel uncomfortable.  

Protecting children  

We have put in place the following safeguards to keep children safe whilst accessing the internet on the Club’s computers:  

  • A risk assessment has been undertaken.  
  • Parental controls have been activated on all computers accessible to children: 
  • Google Safe Search Filtering is turned on 
  • You Tube Restricted Mode iS turned on  
  • The computers are located so that the screens can easily be seen from the rest of the room.  
  • Staff keep a close eye on children and the sites that they are accessing when they use the internet.  
  • The computers have an up to date virus checker and firewall installed. 
  • The computers’ browser histories are regularly checked to monitor which sites are being accessed. All staff and children are informed of this fact.  

If, despite the safeguards the Club has put in place, a child encounters harmful material on the internet, or receives inappropriate messages, or experiences online bullying, whilst using the Club’s computers, the manager will be informed and the incident will be noted on an Incident Record in the child’s file. The child’s parent will be asked to sign the Incident Record. The manager will investigate how to prevent a reoccurrence of the incident.  

If staff at the Club become aware that a child is deliberately attempting to access sites containing sexual, extremist or otherwise inappropriate material, or has been shown such material by a third party, they will complete a Logging a concern form and refer the matter to the Club’s designated Child Protection Officer in accordance with our Safeguarding Children Policy 

Related policies  

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This policy was adopted by: V.I.M Camps Ltd.                 Date: 10/01/2024
To be reviewed: 10/01/2025                                      Signed: Sarah Sims-Fielding 

Written in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2024): Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements: Safeguarding [3.4 – 3.9]