V.I.M Camps Ltd 

Food Safety Policy

V.I.M Camps is committed to ensuring that safe and healthy practises around the storage, preparation and service of food are followed at all times. Staff involved in food handling and preparation have to meet high standards of personal hygiene. Any member of staff showing signs of infection or ill health will not be permitted to handle food.  

V.I.M Camps follows the guidelines set out in ‘Safer Food, Better Business’ (FSA) and is registered as a food business with our local authority. We are regularly inspected by Environmental Health to ensure that health and hygiene standards are being met.  

All staff involved in food handling have received food handling and hygiene training. When preparing food, staff follow the requirements of current food hygiene legislation, including:  

  • Always washing hands with anti-bacterial soap and hot water before and after handling food and using the toilet  
  • Using clean, disposable cloths  
  • Using the correct colour coded chopping boards (e.g. red for raw meat)  
  • Not being involved in food preparation if they are unwell  
  • Making sure all fruit and vegetables are washed before being served  
  • Removing jewellery, especially rings, watches and bracelets, before preparing food  
  • Covering spots or sores on the hands and arms with a waterproof dressing  
  • Keeping fingernails short, clean, and free from varnish.  

Food storage  

All foods are stored according to safe food handling practices and at a correct temperature, to prevent the growth of food poisoning organisms and to ensure that food quality is maintained.  

Fridge temperatures are checked and recorded on a daily basis as part of our daily environment checks. If there are temperature fluctuations that are not explained by simple user error (eg failure to close the fridge properly), a new fridge will be purchased.  


  • The fridge is cleaned thoroughly, with warm, soapy water, on a weekly basis.  
  • Food is checked for freshness – anything past the use by date will be disposed of.  
  • Freezers are defrosted and cleaned once a month 
  • All food preparation surfaces are wiped clean after use with anti-bacterial cleaner and disposable cloths.  
  • All chopping boards are cleaned after use with warm soapy water, anti-bacterial cleaner and then thoroughly rinsed 
  • Appropriate controls are implemented to reduce the risk of cross contamination. 


This policy was adopted by: V.I.M Camps Ltd        Date:15/01/2025 

To be reviewed: 15/01/2025                               Signed: Sarah Sims-Fielding 

Written in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2024): Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements: Food and drink [3.56] and Food and drink facilities [3.57].