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Covid-19 Policy

V.I.M Camps recognises that careful planning is essential in order to keep the children and our staff safe, and to limit the spread of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, within our setting.  

 Accordingly, we have conducted a thorough Covid-19 risk assessment and will review it on a 6 monthly basis and whenever Government guidance changes. 

Covid-19 symptoms 

Covid-19 is a viral, respiratory disease, which is spread from person to person by close contact. Typical symptoms include new, persistent cough, high temperature and loss of (or change to) your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia). Many people report cold or flu like symptoms, fatigue, loss of appetite and shortness of breath in addition to, or instead of the main three symptoms. However, it is important to be aware that in some cases the symptoms may be very mild or even non-existent (asymptomatic infection), especially in children and these symptoms may also have another cause.  

Procedure where an individual child develops Covid-19 symptoms or has a positive test 

We now understand that children who have symptoms of Covid-19 are more likely to pass the virus onto others than those who do not have any symptoms.   

If a child or member of staff has suspected symptoms of Covid-19, we will follow the advice and guidance set out in the UK Health Security Agency guidance on Health Protection for education and childcare settings which directs the below procedure to be followed: 

  • Children with mild symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, or mild cough, who are otherwise well, can continue to attend the setting but may be asked to take a COVID-19 test.  
  • Children and young people who are unwell and have a high temperature should stay at home and where possible avoid contact with other people. They can return to setting when they no longer have a high temperature and they are well enough. 
  • If a child or young person has a positive COVID-19 test result they should try to stay at home and where possible avoid contact with other people for 3 days after the day, they took the test. The risk of passing the infection on to others is much lower after 3 days, if they feel well and do not have a high temperature. 
  • Children and young people who usually attend an education or childcare setting and who live with someone who has a positive COVID-19 test result may continue to attend as normal. 
  • If any child becomes seriously ill whilst at our setting, we will call 999. 

Whilst it is no longer a legal requirement for people with Covid-19 to self-isolate, any staff who have a positive COVID-19 test result should try to stay at home for 5 days after the day they took the test. 

 All adults who test positive for Covid-19 will be expected to follow the ‘People with symptoms of a respiratory infection or Covid-19’ guidance 

Out of School Club will determine whether children can attend with a positive Covid-19 test result upon discussion with Club Manager and an assessment of the relative risk to others. 

 Infection control 

It is the responsibility of V.I.M Camps to try to ensure the environment is safe for people who visit or attend. We will take reasonable steps to ensure this including regularly reviewing and updating our risk assessments.  

Like the common cold and flu viruses, Covid-19 is spread by: 

  • Infected people passing the virus to others through large droplets when coughing, sneezing, or even talking within a close distance. 
  • Direct contact with an infected person: for example, if you shake or hold their hand, and then touch your own mouth, eyes or nose without first washing your hands. 
  • Touching objects (eg door handles, light switches) that have previously been touched by an infected person, then touching your own mouth, eyes or nose without first washing your hands. Viruses can survive longer on hard surfaces than on soft or absorbent surfaces.  

We will take the following steps to reduce the risk of catching or spreading Covid-19 at the Club: 


  • Staff and children will wash their hands as they arrive at the Club and will be reminded to wash their hands regularly throughout the session, especially after using the toilet, before eating food and after coughing or sneezing. 
  • Hand sanitiser will be available in convenient locations throughout the club. 
  • We will have tissues readily available for use when sneezing and coughing, and these will be disposed of, in a lidded bin, immediately after use. 


  • We will ensure effective cleaning schedule for the club. Regular cleaning of areas and equipment will occur twice a day as a minimum.  
  • Frequently touched surfaces, such as handles, door plates, light switches, tabletops and toys are regularly cleaned with anti-bacterial spray or wipes, will have particular focus.  

Arrivals and departures: 

  • Parents will now collect their children from outside the Club 
  •  We will use technology to help with this process – parents will text to inform us of their arrival, staff will get their child ready and then text the parent to inform them that child is ready for collection from the outside door. 
  • If it becomes necessary, we will assign different collection points to limit the congregation of parents outside the Club. 


  • Ventilation is important in minimising transmission of airborne viruses. Ventilation will be included as part of our risk assessment and poorly ventilated areas identified. Steps will be taken to maximise the fresh air flow in these areas, wherever practical.  
  • Doors and windows may be kept open where safe to do so, to keep the premises well ventilated, whilst balancing the provision of a comfortable childcare environment 

Promoting good practice  

We will promote infection control through the methods above, and in addition we will: 

  • Ensure that all staff have received training in, and understand, our new procedures 
  • Display posters and information to promote infection control  
  • Ensure that adequate supplies of cleaning materials are available within the Club 
  • Dispose of waste promptly and hygienically 
  • Provide tissues and suitable facilities for their disposal. 


We may need to temporarily close the Club if we have insufficient staff due to illness to run sessions safely. If this occurs the manager will contact local Early Years or Childcare service for further support and guidance.  

In the event that we have a high number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 associated with the Club, we may need to step up our measures in line with our Contingency Plan and advice received from UKHSA Local Health Protection Teams. This will be as a last resort given the detrimental impact on children, their families and our staff team.  

If the Club needs to close, the manager will notify parents or carers as soon as possible. The manager will also inform the local Early Years or Childcare service as well as other relevant parties, eg feeder schools, other users of shared premises, etc.  


This policy was adopted by: V.I.M Camps Ltd 


Date: 18/08/2023 
To be reviewed: 18/02/2024 


Signed: Sarah Sims-Fielding 

Written in accordance with:  

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021): Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements: Health [3.42]. 

UK Health Security Agency People with symptoms of a respiratory infection or Covid-19’ 1st April 2022