Arrivals, Departures and Absences Policy and Procedures

VIM Camps Ltd recognises the importance of having robust systems in place to ensure the safe arrival and departure of the children in our care.  

The manager will ensure that an accurate record is kept of all children in the club, and that any arrivals or departures are recorded in the register. The register is always kept in an accessible location on the premises. In addition, we conduct regular headcounts during the session. 

 Procedure for when Children Arrive at Hillside.  

At 9am Children will be dropped off by parents/carers in the field at the top by the car park. There will be a VIM Camps staff member there to welcome your child and to meet and greet the adults dropping off. Children will then be taken to the field where another VIM Camps staff member will offer them a choice of activities. Children will stay there until everyone has arrived and then the planned session will begin. 

 Drop of times can be very busy so if there is any information that needs to be passed on to VIM Camps staff please do this as quickly as possible or you can text our VIM Camps phone on 07549953397. 

 Departures for Hillside 

At 3pm parents/carers will arrive to pick up their child. Parents/carers are asked to wait at the top of the field by the car park and VIM Camps staff will bring your child up to you and tick them out of the register when they leave with you. 

 Arrivals for Triangle 

On arrival, please use the doorbell. VIM Camps staff will attend the door and will welcome parents/carers and children. Parents/carers will say goodbye at the door and children will come into the building where there will be a variety of activities on offer. VIM Camps staff will check children in on the register.  

 Departures for Triangle 

When you arrive to collect your child from Triangle please use the doorbell and a staff member will come to greet you. Your child will be brought to the door and signed out on the register by a VIM Camps staff member. 

 General information about departures 

Staff will ensure that children are signed out before they leave, including the time of collection. 

Children are collected by an adult who has been authorised to do so as stipulated on the online registration form.  

In exceptional circumstances, if the parent or carer requires another person who is not listed on the registration form to collect their child, the child’s parent or carer must inform the club in advance and provide a description of the person and a password that they will use. If the manager has any concerns regarding the person collecting he/she will contact the main parent or carer for confirmation. 

The parent or carer must notify the club (on the VIM Camps phone) if they will be late collecting their child. If the Club is not informed, the Uncollected Children policy will be followed. 

Children over the age of eight will only be allowed to leave the Club alone at the end of the session if the Club has discussed this with the child’s parents and has received their written consent/checked the box on the online registration. 

Children below the age of eight will not be allowed to leave the Club unaccompanied. 

Children should be picked up from the club by a known adult or siblings provided they are 16 years old or above. 

 Absences for both sites 

If a child is going to be absent from a session, parents and carers must notify the club in advance, ideally in the morning before the session starts, or as soon as possible on the VIM Camps phone.  

The Club will try to discover the causes of prolonged and unexplained absences. Regular absences could indicate that a child or their family might need additional support. 


This policy was adopted by: VIM Camps Ltd 



To be reviewed: 

Written in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2017)