Who are V.I.M camps?


Seb Sims-Fielding

My name is Sarah, but for many years I have been called Seb. Not sure why it’s just a nickname that has stuck with me since I was young!

I trained to be a teacher and have a PGCE (specialism in SEND). Over the last 20 years, I have worked with primary-aged children in various settings, including a primary school in Brighton, where I was teaching children with autism and a mainstream primary school in Northampton. My most recent role before beginning V.I.M Camps was as a Lead Manager at a wraparound childcare provision in Hassocks.

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Paediatric First Aider & SEND Co.

Seb from VIM Holiday Clubs

Donna Bovaird

I have always been involved in both the Arts and the Care industries. From studying Fine Art at Brighton College, working at Glyndebourne Opera House, to working Cabin Crew for B.A., I have had an eclectic career!

One passion has always remained the same, which is working throughout the years with adults and children with S.E.N. As part of this, I became a registered childminder, received a level 3 playworker qualification and ran a successful wrap-around childcare business for seven years.

I joined Seb’s team this year, and my roles include Inclusion Manager, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL), Pediatric First Aider, Health & Safety Officer & Fire Safety Officer.

Meet the V.I.M team.

As well as Seb and Donna, here are some of the other wonderful people who help make VIM so special

V.I.M Supervisors


V.I.M Playworkers


When working together Seb and Donna began discussing their dream,

They wished to establish a wrap-around childcare service to provide engaging, accessible sessions for all children. They wanted to assist children in learning new skills while supporting their health and well-being. Together, they created V.I.M. (Very Important Minors).

Donna and Seb have known each other since they were seven; they are now forty-seven! They have been close friends for most of their lives, playing together as children and even having children simultaneously, who have grown up as friends. In recent years, they have worked together and always enjoy each other’s company.

With 30 years of experience working with primary school-aged children, Seb and Donna believe they have something unique to offer all of their Very Important Minors.

Would your V.I.M like to join our club?

You will need to register your child/children’s details before you can make a booking, this is easy to do and once registered, you can make adhoc bookings or book for the whole term or year. Please get in touch on info@vimcamps.com if you need any help or would like to set up a monthly payment plan.